Can Teens Have Their Teeth Straightened With Invisalign?

Teenagers can be highly conscious of their appearance, and wary of any changes that might seem unflattering. This can make their experience with orthodontic treatment difficult, because they may feel put off by the idea of having metal braces at a time when they are learning to date, and going to school dances. Still, it is important to address issues with poor dental alignment. In addition to affecting their appearance, crooked teeth can make it harder to avoid cavities, and more likely they will experience difficulties with TMJ dysfunction. Fortunately, many teens will qualify for treatment with Invisalign. Using Invisalign means eliminating any concerns about a conspicuous appliance – rather than using metal braces, your dentist will provide them with discreet, clear plastic aligners.

Planning And Starting Treatment With Invisalign

Once your teen is approved for Invisalign, the planning process for their treatment can begin. Because your dentist uses iTero digital scanners to create smile impressions, there is no need to endure the awkward experience of biting into a plaster mold. These digital impressions even allow your dentist to show a “preview” of how your teen’s smile will look after Invisalign treatment is completed! Once their aligners are created, your teen will be able to wear each one for a designated period, and move forward to the next, with each one providing successive adjustments. While it is important that they keep their aligners in as often as possible, they are able to remove them when they eat, or clean their teeth.

How A Modern Approach To Treatment Can Improve Your Invisalign Experience

Your dentist’s commitment to modern treatment goes beyond the use of digital scanning technology. To see faster results from Invisalign, they can make use of Propel Orthodontic technology. Propel makes it possible to speed up treatment time by encouraging a faster adjustment in your teen’s periodontal and bone tissue. Many people who rely on Propel will find themselves finished with treatment within a single year!

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