Month: April 2018

Can Teens Have Their Teeth Straightened With Invisalign?

Teenagers can be highly conscious of their appearance, and wary of any changes that might seem unflattering. This can make their experience with orthodontic treatment difficult, because they may feel put off by the idea of having metal braces at a time when they are learning to date, and going to school dances. Still, it… Read more »

Helping Our Patients Enjoy Amazing Orthodontic Success!

One thing we love about offering patients treatment with Invisalign is seeing the kind of difference an adjustment can make for their smile. Each person who receives an adjustment with Invisalign can look forward to some remarkable cosmetic improvements. Of course, there is more to this treatment than just smile improvement. If you have crooked,… Read more »

Planning And Starting Your Invisalign Treatment

When you look into treatment with Invisalign, you can be excited to think about life after your treatment is completed. This modern approach to orthodontic care can make a big difference in your appearance by correcting issues with poor dental alignment. There are also benefits to your oral health, as you can improve on your… Read more »

How Invisalign Helped Transform Sheri’s Smile

We love seeing how Invisalign treatments can help improve our patients’ smiles. Sheri has seen an incredible change in her appearance by relying on Invisalign to address the crooked teeth that interfered with how she looked. This modern approach to orthodontic care has made it possible for many people to make remarkable esthetic improvements, while… Read more »