Month: March 2018

Barbara’s Invisalign Journey – Seeing Real Results

Our patient coordinator, Barbara, has been enjoying the remarkable orthodontic improvements offered through Invisalign treatment. She sees how much her smile has changed over the course of her adjustment, and the procedure has even helped to improve her bite function! After another three sets, she may be ready to move on to support through a… Read more »

Invisalign Attachments: What They Are, And How They Can Help

Patients can be caught off guard by the news they will need Invisalign attachments, and they can be unsure of what to expect from them. Will these attachments affect your smile? Will they be painful? How will they affect your treatment? Attachments are placed on the front of certain teeth. They are made from a… Read more »

The Process Of Correcting Your Smile With Invisalign

Invisalign has provided many people with a means of correcting dental alignment issues without traditional metal braces. If you are interested in correcting the positions of your teeth, you may be wondering how Invisalign might be able to help you, and what the treatment process will be like. How long will it take to correct… Read more »

Enjoying Expert Care From An Invisalign Premier Provider

Your Invisalign treatment can lead to a major smile improvement without metal braces. When you undergo care, you can look forward to positive changes to your appearance, as well as enjoying benefits for your oral health. You can look forward to a superior treatment experience, as Dr. Calcagno has earned the designation of Invisalign Premier… Read more »