Can Invisalign Lead To Faster Results Than Metal Braces?

During your initial evaluation to discuss Invisalign treatment, your dentist can use advanced imaging technology to develop an outline for what you should expect from your adjustment. Different patients will come in with different needs, and some will need to spend more time going through treatment than others. With that said, patients who undergo Invisalign treatment can look forward to an adjustment that takes less time than traditional metal braces. In some cases, particularly for those who rely on Propel Orthodontic Technology, an adjustment can be completed within one year! In addition to your current alignment problems, your approach to treatment can affect your timeline. Remember, if you want to complete your Invisalign correction promptly, wear your aligners as often as possible!

Using Propel Orthodontic Technology To Speed Up Your Treatment Time

Propel Orthodontic Technology makes it possible for you to complete your orthodontic adjustment in less time. One obstacle on your road to a straightened smile is the time it takes for your bone and periodontal tissues to adjust. Propel can help speed up this process, which can mean seeing final results sooner.

Learning More About Modern Technology And Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a modern approach to orthodontic work that can eliminate the need for awkward, unsightly metal braces. By using them, you can move your teeth into their proper places discreetly, and avoid feeling self-conscious about a smile lined with metal braces. Because your dentist believes in providing excellent patient experiences, you can look forward to having access to more modern tools and techniques. The imaging technology used to plan your treatment relies on creating advanced digital impressions. These impressions are valuable for designing your set of aligners. They also make it possible to create a “sneak preview” of your smile after you finish using your Invisalign aligners.

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