Can Invisalign Treatment Make Cavity Prevention Easier?

What do you gain when you have your teeth corrected by an Invisalign treatment? The big appeal for patients interested in orthodontic work is that they have an appliance that will not disrupt their appearance. This can be especially valuable for adult patients, who may fear that braces make them look unprofessional. At the end of your treatment, you can show off a better looking smile that is no longer hurt by crooked teeth. Of course, this benefits more than just your appearance. Straightening your teeth can actually make it easier to avoid problems like tooth decay. You will correct any overlaps between teeth when you straighten them, making it easier to reach hard to access areas. An orthodontic correction can also help patients avoid gum disease, and enjoy a more natural bite function.

Using Invisalign To Correct Dental Alignment Issues

Invisalign avoids any need for immovable, conspicuous appliances during orthodontic treatment. You will receive a series of aligners, which are made from clear plastic in order to keep them inconspicuous. As you progress through treatment, you will move to different aligners, with each one bringing you closer to the proper positions for all of your teeth.

How You Can See Results In Less Time

You can be excited by how Invisalign allows you to correct smile flaws without the use of metal braces, but still bothered by the amount of time your treatment will take. Fortunately, your dentist may be able to help you speed up the procedure. Using Propel orthodontic technology will encourage the movement of soft tissue and bone that support your teeth. Because these tissues will be repositioned more quickly, you can look forward to completing your treatment in less time. Patients who take this approach are able to go through the entire process within one year! Propel can be valuable to those patients who want to see dramatic improvements on a deadline.

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