Using Digital Imaging To Design Your Invisalign Aligners

Successful planning is a big part of any procedure, but accuracy and detail can be especially important when it comes to orthodontic work. By using iTero digital scanning to develop your custom Invisalign treatment, your dentist is making sure you have a treatment tailored to your unique circumstances. With iTero digital scans, your dentist can ensure your aligners are going to be an ideal fit. They can also use the information they gather to show you what you can expect from your completed treatment! This can help you appreciate what Invisalign can offer you. By relying on modern techniques and technology, your dentist can provide you with excellent orthodontic care.

How Modern Technology Improves Your Invisalign Experience

Using iTero digital scanners means your dentist can create a detailed, 3D rendering of your smile to plan your procedure. This can be more comfortable than the process for creating a physical mold – creating that physical mold can involve biting into an unpleasant plaster material. In addition to being a more comfortable experience, digital scanning also allows your dentist to chart your upcoming procedure, and show you how you will look when it has concluded.

The modern technology involved in your Invisalign treatment is not limited to the planning stages. Propel Orthodontics can help you complete your adjustment in less time. This can allow patients to show off their adjusted smile within twelve months!

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From Your Treatment?

Your Invisalign treatment will bring misaligned teeth into more appropriate positions. This can correct for spacing and overlap issues that have been negatively impacting your appearance. However, it would be incorrect to assume that Invisalign is “just” about improving how you look. By fixing alignment flaws, you can improve your cavity defense, and reduce your risk for problems like gum disease and TMJ dysfunction.

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