Ask About Invisalign Treatment For Your Teen

If you are looking into orthodontic treatment for your teen, you may want to consider Invisalign. Many patients, particularly those in their teen years, can feel uncomfortable when they think about life with noticeable metal braces. With Invisalign, they will have crooked teeth moved by clear plastic aligners, which can make remarkable changes to their appearance, while also helping improve their oral health, and their natural bite function. This approach to orthodontic care also lowers the number of appointments you will need to keep up with during treatment, as there will be no need for manual adjustments, as there are with metal braces.

Reasons Teens Can Prefer To Have Orthodontic Care Through Invisalign

One big reason many teens like the idea of treatment with Invisalign is that they will not have to worry about a disruption to their appearance. Traditional metal braces help make important corrections to a flawed smile, but they can draw unwanted attention because of their notable presence. Invisalign makes orthodontic care discreet. They can go to school feeling more confident, and they can have their natural, uncovered smile captured in pictures taken for their yearbook. The ability to remove aligners can also be beneficial to young patients, as they will not interfere with meals, or with their daily oral care.

Reasons You Can Prefer Invisalign

Invisalign can provide comparable results to traditional braces for many patients, but they offer some exciting additional advantages. When you provide orthodontic care via Invisalign for your teen, you can enjoy fewer appointments over the course of their treatment. While they will need to come in for evaluations, to make sure everything is moving according to schedule, there will be fewer visits, as they will not have an appliance that requires manual adjustment. This means less interference in your life, and less interference in theirs, as you will have less concern about pulling them out of extracurricular activities.

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