Propel Can Limit The Time You Spend Adjusting Your Teeth

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign can offer you a way to adjust your crooked teeth without intrusive metal braces. While this approach can be more convenient to your day-to-day life, you may still be put off by how long it will take to complete your treatment. Part of any corrective work will involve encouraging an adjustment in the bone and soft tissue supporting your teeth. Those changes are necessary to make sure that your corrections last. When you undergo Invisalign treatment with Propel Orthodontics, you can actually reduce the time it takes for these shifts to occur. For many patients, Propel makes it possible to have orthodontic work completed within one year!

You Gain More Than Just A Better Smile When You Correct Dental Alignment Issues

Many people are keen to see how Invisalign treatment makes improvements to how they look. While there is an obvious cosmetic value to orthodontic treatment, there are other benefits you will enjoy. For instance, correcting your dental alignment can have the effect of improving your bite alignment. This will lead to more comfortable jaw movements, which will reduce the possibility of your developing TMJ dysfunction. Many patients will also improve their ability to prevent cavities by correcting overlaps that make certain areas of teeth harder to effectively clean.

Learning More About How Invisalign Treatment Can Improve The Orthodontic Experience

Invisalign treatment with Propel Orthodontics can make a big improvement to your overall orthodontic experience. By setting up a consultation to discuss Invisalign treatment, you can learn of how modern advances have improved the overall experience for patients. Those improvements start early – instead of requiring manual dental impressions, your dentist can create digital images of your bite. This is great news for patients who are less than thrilled at the idea of biting into an uncomfortable plaster mold. It also means your treatment plan can be developed based on highly accurate, detailed digital images produced by an iTero scanner.

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