Orthodontic Care Without A Conspicuous Oral Appliance

There are many adults who would benefit from having their dental alignment issues addressed. Unfortunately, many of these people will hesitate due to their hesitation over how metal braces could affect how they look. You may be interested in an orthodontic correction, but fear how bracket and wire braces might make you look unprofessional, or less mature. What you should know is that Invisalign makes it possible to fix your alignment problems without impacting your appearance. Rather than using traditional braces, your dentist can supply you with clear aligners that you can wear, which will make important corrections to crooked teeth.

What You Should Expect From Your Experience With Invisalign

Many people are initially attracted to Invisalign treatment because they want to correct dental flaws without using conspicuous braces. That being said, Invisalign also provides you with an orthodontic appliance you can remove on your own. That can make it easier for you to do things like brush your teeth, and enjoy a meal. Wearing your aligner throughout the day will enforce gradual shifts in your teeth. As you progress, you will move to different aligners, with each bringing you closer to your final results.

Using Modern Care To Provide You With Terrific Orthodontic Results

Invisalign offers a terrific alternative to traditional braces. Of course, this is just one example of how modern dental technology can improve your overall treatment experience. An iTero digital scanner will eliminate the need to create a manual dental impression. Digital impressions are highly accurate, and creating those impressions can be more comfortable for patients than biting into an unpleasant-tasting plaster mold.

If you want to see results in less time, consider taking advantage of Propel Orthodontic technology. When patients use Propel, they can reduce the time they spend having their teeth adjusted. You may be able to complete your treatment within twelve months!

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Orthodontic Care With Invisalign

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