Month: September 2017

Attending The 2017 Invisalign Summit

Dr. Calcagno recently attended the 2017 Invisalign Summit, a gathering dedicated to providing dentists with advanced tools, training, and information regarding Invisalign treatment. Several informative sessions were held over two days, covering a number of topics that will benefit patients interested in how Invisalign can correct their dental alignment flaws. Those topics include the incorporation… Read more »

Quiz: Let’s See How Much You Know About Invisalign

Are you aware of what Invisalign treatment can offer patients? This orthodontic treatment, which can help younger patients, an adults, offers a chance to correct crooked teeth without impacting your appearance in any obvious ways. Many patients assume orthodontic work will inevitably include hard to ignore metal braces. With Invisalign, a series of clear aligners… Read more »

What Does Propel Offer My Invisalign Treatment Experience?

Invisalign provides a means of correcting smile flaws caused by poor alignment without using conspicuous metal braces. You can be excited to correct a crooked smile without drawing unwanted attention to your orthodontic appliance. When you add Propel to your Invisalign experience, you gain more than just a more discreet treatment, as you can have… Read more »

Is Invisalign A Good Idea For Your Teen?

If your teen shows signs of needing some form of orthodontic care, they may be hoping for treatment with Invisalign. After all, using Invisalign means relying on hard to notice clear aligners, and not metal braces, to make corrections to their smile. This can be a big relief for teens, who can be particularly worried… Read more »