Month: August 2017

How Does Invisalign Impact Your Day-To-Day Life?

After Invisalign, you will be able to show off a smile that is no longer negatively impacted by crooked teeth. In addition to enjoying this significant cosmetic benefit, you may also find that biting, chewing, and speaking feel more comfortable. While the benefits of having undergone Invisalign treatment are clear, you may have concerns about… Read more »

Can Propel Offer Faster Results?

Orthodontic readjustment requires accommodation from your jawbone, and your periodontal tissue. In order to retain the results of having shifted your teeth into better alignment, an accompanying adjustment has to take place with them, too. Because of this, patients normally have to wait for a relatively slow process to take place before they have their… Read more »

Taking Digital Impressions With iTero

In the past, taking an impression of your teeth would have to involve the use of a plaster mold. Patients would bite into the mold, and would find an unpleasant taste and texture waiting for them. Advances in technology have made it possible to produce dental impressions without this mold. Thanks to iTero digital scanners,… Read more »

Can Teens Wear Clear Aligners?

We often talk about how clear aligners can help adult patients, but can we use them to correct smiles for teens too? Invisalign® can help improve oral health and the appearance of smiles for children, teens and adults. Is your teen ready to try our clear aligners?

4 Common Questions About Invisalign

Have you ever heard of the Invisalign clear aligner system? A practically invisible alternative to metal braces, these can help patients of all ages enjoy a more even and healthier smile. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a few common questions we often receive regarding this unique orthodontics treatment option.