How Does Invisalign® Boost Oral Health?

If you have misalignment, then we may suggest Invisalign® as an option to correct the issue. Along with a positive impact on your appearance, can correcting your misalignment also boost oral health? Patients are often unaware of the far-reaching consequences an uneven smile can have on your smile’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign and Oral Health

Question: Can misalignment lead to a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease?

Answer: Actually, it can. When you have teeth that crowd or overlap, there are plenty of places for bits of food to become trapped. In addition, brushing and flossing the teeth thoroughly can be difficult, allowing bacteria the chance to break down these trapped food bits, a process that leads to higher levels of oral acidity, as well as plaque buildup. These factors combine to weaken tooth enamel and inflame gum tissue, leading to a greater risk of cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease.

Question: Will correcting misalignment prevent jaw joint disorders?

Answer: Again, this is possible. Misalignment can actually place inordinate amounts of stress on the jaw joints. Soon, patients can develop TMJ disorder, which can make opening and closing the mouth difficult and lead to popping in the jaw, facial pain, and headaches. Bruxism can also develop. Bruxism is persistent teeth grinding, which also leads to pain in the jaw, face, and teeth, as well as headaches. Bruxism can also wear down tooth enamel, increasing the risk of damaged teeth, tooth decay, and even dental infection.

Question: How does the Invisalign system work?

Answer: Our clear braces system uses a series of aligners made from a comfortable and clear plastic material. Patients upgrade to a new set every two weeks. The system then gradually moves the teeth to optimal positions.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: Give us a call! We offer a complimentary initial consultation to see if Invisalign is right for you!

Interested in Clear Braces?

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