Month: July 2017

How Does Invisalign® Boost Oral Health?

If you have misalignment, then we may suggest Invisalign® as an option to correct the issue. Along with a positive impact on your appearance, can correcting your misalignment also boost oral health? Patients are often unaware of the far-reaching consequences an uneven smile can have on your smile’s health.

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We often talk to patients with uneven smiles, but who assume that metal braces are the only option for enjoying a straighter smile. We’re always glad to inform them that we can actually reposition the teeth using a series of clear and barely visible aligners instead. If you would like to learn more about our… Read more »

FAQs About Invisalign Clear Aligners

We’re proud to offer our patients access to this unique and comfortable orthodontic solution. In fact, Dr. Calcagno’s experience in providing clear aligners has led to being awarded the distinction of an Invisalign Preferred Provider. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at common questions people ask about Invisalign clear aligners.

How Do You Keep Your Smile Healthy During Treatment?

When you wear metal braces, you need to alter a few facets of your daily life. Metal orthodontics can complicate how and what you eat, as well as how you care for your smile. But how does Invisalign alter your routines? How do you care for your smile during treatment? You may be surprised to… Read more »