Can Invisalign Help Teens?

Often, younger patients may feel embarrassed about misalignment, but don’t necessarily want to wear metal braces due to the impact metal orthodontics can have on their appearance. Fortunately, we can provide a practically invisible alternative to metal braces. Can Invisalign help teens?

Try Our Quiz on Invisalign for Teens

  1. True or False: The aligners will be custom-made.
  2. True or False: Teens don’t need to avoid certain foods.
  3. True or False: They will be barely noticeable.
  4. True or False: Patients require fewer office visits.

Answer Key

  1. True. We will take detailed digital impressions using iTero technology. Not only does this create precise and accurate impressions, but we can also use them to show our patients examples of what their smile could look like following treatment. Using the images gathered, an Invisalign lab will create a series of aligners from a BPA-free plastic material. Being custom-made means a comfortable fit and less discomfort than patients often encounter with metal braces.
  2. True. Hard or chewy foods can become stuck in orthodontics or even damage them. However, with aligners patients can simply remove them before eating, which means no need to alter your diet. In addition, teens can take better care of their smiles during treatment as removable aligners make brushing and flossing properly much easier.
  3. True. Being made from clear plastic, the aligners will blend with the smile and be barely noticeable when worn. Teens feel much better about their appearance with clear aligners compared to metal braces.
  4. True. The treatment rewires fewer office visits, which works for our younger patients’ busy schedules. If you have any questions about the treatment process, or how to get started, then please contact our office today. Remember, Dr. Calcagno is an Invisalign Preferred Provider and has experience helping patients of all ages, from children to adults, obtain straighter smiles.

Does Your Teen Need Clear Aligners?

Our team can help patients of all ages enjoy a more even smile with Invisalign clear aligners. Instead, we can use a series of clear aligners to offer clear and comfortable smile correction. Schedule a consultation by calling Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN, today at (507) 281-3659.